Middletown High School is One Of The Best Schools

Middletown High School

Middletown High School is a public high school in Middletown, Ohio, United States. It is the only high school in the Middletown City School District. It is located at the corner of Union Street and North Main Street in Middletown, Ohio. The school’s mascot is the Red Raider, and the school colors are red and white.

Middletown High School Academic excellence

Located in Middletown, Ohio, Middletown High School is an award-winning public high school. In the 2017-2018 school year the high school is ranked as the #2 high school in the state of Ohio, #5 in the nation, and #1 in Ohio for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Advanced Technology

Middletown High School is now one of the most advanced high schools in the country. The school was recently awarded a $1.66 million grant to improve the school’s wireless network, a first of its kind in the city. 

The money will be used to update the school’s Wi-Fi and add over 100 wireless access points to the building. The Wi-Fi update also includes a new district-wide technology program that will allow teachers to better track student data, as well as a new online learning program.

Middletown High School Extracurricular activities

Schools are very competitive today and extracurricular activities have become almost a necessity. Middletown High School has a variety of extracurricular activities to offer students after school. Some of the activities are sports, such as cross country, football, golf, and swimming. 

Some of the activities are clubs, such as drama club, HOSA, and Key club. Some of the activities are fine arts activities, such as band, orchestra, and choir. The other activities are academic, such as the math club, the National Honor Society, and the student council.

The teachers are really nice here.

I think the teachers at MHS are really nice. I had a couple of really awesome AP English teachers, Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Buscarino, who made the class really fun and interesting. Mrs. Taylor had us do creative writing and pushed us to be better with each piece we wrote. Ms. Buscarino made it a fun class to go to each day and we would always have discussions about the books we read. 

I also had a few interesting and fun teachers for science and math classes. I had Mrs. Mills for chemistry and she was great at breaking things down and making them easy to understand. Mr. Bellucci was my math teacher and he helped me get through a pretty difficult quarter of geometry.

The school is really safe

Middletown High School is a safe place. There are very few fights and the school is very well taken care of. There are security guards in the school to make sure the students are safe. The atmosphere is calm and the students are treated with respect.


There are many benefits to attending Middletown High School. The school is located in a safe neighborhood, not too far from the downtown area. The school has many clubs and activities to make your high school experience more enjoyable, such as music clubs, football, basketball, track, and more. 

There are many educational opportunities at the school, such as Advanced Placement courses. The education at the school is very good and has a lot of students that score extremely high on the SAT and ACT tests.

It has been proved by facts, on the basis of the information that is provided, that the school is really the best school in our district. The first, which is the school is really the best school in our district, is affirmed by the following facts, 

First, the school has a really good diversity of students. Second, the school has a really good diversity of students. Finally, the school has a really good diversity of students.

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