How to clean Microwave | some easy tips to clean a microwave

How to clean Microwave

How to clean microwave is the most common reason for house wifes or women. A microwave is used to hot the food every time at every moment. So this microwave makes the food yummy or delicious. But this is a fundamental problem in cleaning the microwave. We can clean the microwave with some simple tips or methods.

These are the tips to clean any microwave or oven

The things you need to clean the dirty microwave or oven are what you will need to clean the microwave.

Here are some basic things that were used to clean the microwave or oven. If you have these things so you can always clean our dirty microwave at every moment or every time.

  1. Half a cup of water
  2. 2 lemons
  3. Half cup of white vinegar
  4. 2 sponge
  5. 1 pack of baking soda
  6. 1 dish soap
  7. any commercial cleaner
  8. 2 microfibre clothes
  9. Duplicate microwave-safe bowls
  10. 1 pack of plastic gloves

First of all

First of all, unplug the microwave for our safety. Or check whether all the electric wires are unplugged or not. If all the wires are unplugged so start to clean the microwave. If you cannot unplug all the wires so please avoid the microwave from our wet hands. So, kindly save our life from any type of accident.

How to clean Microwave

First of all, you need to know how you can use the required material to clean the microwave or oven. Suppose you can wash the microwave first in your life so you can feel some difficulty in this. But you cannot need to worry about this. Keep reading our article or after reading this wash your microwave oven.

Remove the tray from the microwave. Or drop this in the sink to wash or spray the full microwave from inside. Or leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Or after the spray using dish wash soap or it smoothly from the inside layer of the microwave. After using the dish wash soap take a wet sponge or scrub this inside the microwave smoothly or remove stains from the inner layer of the microwave. 

After this use the baking soda in this. To check the power of baking soda add this to the microwave. Or leave it for some time nearly 10 to 15 minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes baking soda can soften the strong stains that are inside the microwave.

After that clean it with the scrub or leave it for some time. Or check the tray that was separate firstly from the microwave. Take vinegar or lime water into the bowl to wash the tray or remove germs from it. Or also remove the smell from it. After washing try with vinegar or lime water. Also, clean this with a commercial cleaner. 

After scrubbing all the parts of the microwave wash this with water completely. Or completely dry the components of the microwave.

Or at the end of the stage arrange the washing components in his place. Or use the clean or without a germs microwave oven.


  1. First of all, take the required material for the cleaning of the microwave oven.
  2. Take out the tray or spray this with the scrub to defend against the germs.
  3. Scrub all the things smoothly or speedily.
  4. Or at the end wash all the things completely.
  5. Or arrange these parts on his place.

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